Our products improve complex business processes for firms involved in the financial markets.


Blue Curve is a modular software platform that improves the process of Financial Research Production.  It's used by a variety of firms including brokers, investment banks, fund managers and independent research providers.   Blue Curve can be delivered as a complete package, or as a combination of modules to integrate with an existing production or distribution system.  

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Caps is a standalone Corporate Actions Processing system, which is easily integrated with existing back office systems.  Designed to save money, reduce manual effort and to reduce operational risk when dealing with important cash and stock adjustments due to corporate activity,  Caps provides:

  • Diary management and workflow control for Corporate Actions;

  • Golden record management;

  • Integration with custodians and internal systems for holdings and trade data;

  • Calculation of all entitlements for mandatory and optional corporate actions;

  • Recording of account elections for optional entitlements;

  • Output of all cash and stock movements to downstream systems.

Used by both large and small fund managers and private client stockbrokers, Caps provides a proven solution for all Corporate Action Processing.